Our Graduates

Our Graduates

Every year, we take 40 of the most promising graduates and set them on the path to success. With our unique graduate Program that combines an international outlook with hands-on immersive experience and plenty of challenges, you can expect to help shape the future of the industry, not just locally, but worldwide.

Sergei Golubtsov

Sergey graduated from the Physical and Technical Faculty, with specialization in Applied Mechanics. "I joined the Graduate Program because I think it is a fantastic chance for my future. We are like a team, like a family. I realize that Prysmian is a company where you don't feel borders between yourself and management. You can learn from their experiences."

Tayfun Eren

Tayfun moved to Germany for his Master Degree with a major in Telecommunication & Electronics Engineering. "During the induction in Milan, every day we met managers from different departments. It was incredible to sit at the same table as the CEO, discussing the strategies of Prysmian. During the graduate program I will learn a lot. For example, I am coming from an Engineering background, and I am going to have a lot of opportunities to learn about Sales, Operations and R&D as well."

Dominika Birinyi

"I think the Graduate Program is a great opportunity, both personally and professionally, to develop. I chose Prysmian because a multicultural environment is a key factor for me; I enjoy that everyone has a different background."

Arjun Srinivasan

Arjun is doing his Master in Mechanical Engineering in North Carolina State University. "Why would anyone not choose the Graduate Program? You get trained, tailor-made for Prysmian. You work in different internal locations; you get international exposure, in different business units. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone to grow into the perfect professional."

Yannick van den Nieuwendijk

Yannick has a Master in Business Administration, specialized in Finance. "I joined the Graduate Program to gain more experience in an international environment, to be able to gain tangible results in my background and to work with different people across the world. I expect a lot of challenges in the future. Especially in an international environment: to work and to collaborate with fellow colleagues."